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Raw Story: Top Missouri paper calls on Senate to investigate Josh Hawley over his Jan 6th actions

Daily Beast: If Merrick Garland Doesn't Charge Trump and His Coup Plotters, Our Democracy Is Toast

The Guardian: House Capitol attack committee subpoenas far-right leaders and groups

Mother Jones: January 6 Committee Subpoenas Roger Stone and Alex Jones

Vanity Fair: Report: January 6 Organizers Threw Back Champagne and Charcuterie as the Capitol Was Attacked

Daily Beast: The GOP Dark Money Group Giving Big to White Supremacists

Truthout: As Damning New Memo Shakes Trump's Defense, January 6 Committee Turns Up Heat

Salon: Grand jury indicts Steve Bannon for contempt of Congress after defying Jan. 6 committee

Common Dreams: McEnany, McEntee, Miller, and More: Latest Jan. 6 Subpoenas Go Out for Trump Inner Circle

Politico: Trump makes - and loses - overnight bid to block Jan. 6 investigators

The Guardian: Lawyer John Eastman and Michael Flynn among six subpoenaed by Capitol attack panel

Daily Beast: Jan. 6 Organizers Are Raking It In With Trump and GOP Groups

Media Matters: Leading up to January 6, Steve Bannon publicly bragged about his behind-the-scene role fomenting the insurrection

Talking Points Memo: The Most Damning Jan 6th Revelation Yet

HuffPost: Biden Denies Trump Request To Cover Up His Role In The Jan. 6 Insurrection. Again.

Rolling Stone: Jan. 6 Protest Organizers Say They Participated in 'Dozens' of Planning Meetings With Members of Congress and White House Staff

Common Dreams: 'Disgraceful': Just 9 Republicans Join With Dems to Hold Steve Bannon in Criminal Contempt

New Republic: Release the January 6 Documents!

Politico: Rosen, former acting AG under Trump, appears before Jan. 6 committee

The Nation: Trump's Coup Attempt Is Far From Finished

Guardian: House Capitol attack panel ready to urge prosecution of Trump aides, says Schiff

Salon: Trump's coup plot was worse than anyone knew

Politico: Congress' Jan. 6 investigators face an inevitable reckoning with their GOP colleagues

HuffPost: House Panel Subpoenas Organizers Of Jan. 6 Trump Rally

HuffPost: Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas 4 Trump Associates In Capitol Investigation

Raw Story: Trump issues statement in support of Jan. 6 rioters - two days ahead of DC rally

Republican Politician Crazy ALERT: Salon: Pennsylvania GOP subpoenas personal information of every voter for 2020 election "fraudit"

New Republic: January 6 Committee Tightens the Screws Despite Republican Warnings

Daily Beast: Georgia DA Interviews Witnesses About Trump's Call to 'Find' Votes

Rolling Stone: GOP Goes All Out to Avoid Accountability for Jan. 6 Insurrection

Truthout: McCarthy Threatens Retaliation Against Telecoms That Comply With Jan 6 Committee

Vanity Fair: Madison Cawthorn Is Openly Talking About Civil War at This Point

New York Daily News: Capitol police officers sue Trump over Jan. 6 riot

Politico: Jan. 6 investigation will seek phone records related to attack, including lawmakers

BuzzFeed: A Short-Lived Trump Campaign Staffer Is Now At The Head Of The Far Right's Jan. 6 Counter narrative

Vanity Fair: Election Officials Are Being Terrorized Over Trump's Lies

Salon: Follow the money: Understanding the deep roots of Donald Trump's coup attempt

The Guardian: Top Republicans move to protect Trump from Capitol attack fallout

Just Security: Mark Meadows Timeline: The Chief of Staff and Schemes to Overturn 2020 Election

AlterNet: Eric Swalwell: Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan are right to worry about the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection committee

HuffPost: Trump's Followers Paying The Price For Jan. 6 While Trump Himself Evades Consequences

Vanity Fair: DOJ to Mo Brooks: Sorry, We're Not Going to Defend You For Inciting an Insurrection

Guardian: 'This is how I'm going to die': police tell panel of trauma of Capitol attack

Common Dreams: 'A Hitman Sent Them,' Capitol Police Officer Says of January 6 Attackers

Politico: Cheney-McCarthy war of words heats up over Jan. 6 investigation

AlterNet: Nancy Pelosi shuts down Kevin McCarthy's attempt to put Jim Jordan on the Jan. 6 committee

Guardian: Capitol attack committee chair vows to investigate Trump: 'Nothing is off limits'

Salon: Trump embraces Capitol rioters, rewrites Jan. 6 history during Fox appearance

HuffPost: 6 Months Later, Republicans Have A New Jan. 6 Message: Insurrection? What Insurrection?

Punk, Coward Republican Politician ALERT: Common Dreams: 'Because They're Complicit': Nearly Every House Republican Votes Against Jan. 6 Panel

Salon: How close did Trump come to attempting a military coup? Much too close

Common Dreams: Watchdog Says Insurrectionist Lawmakers, Including Trump, Should Be Barred From Public Office

Politico: Pelosi announces select committee will investigate Jan. 6 attack

Salon: Jan 6. was the blueprint: The GOP is now planning a state by state hostile takeover

Newsweek: 'Traitors': Rep. Moulton Calls for Greene, Gaetz and Gosar to Be Ousted Over FBI-Riot Theory

HuffPost: Christopher Wray: FBI Still Working On Hundreds Of U.S. Capitol Riot Cases

Boston Globe: The case for prosecuting Donald Trump

Salon: Guess what? The Trump coup against American democracy never stopped

HuffPost: The 139 Republicans Who Lied, Fueled An Insurrection And Then Voted To Cover It Up

HuffPost: Rep. Gerry Connolly Calls On Biden To Create Jan. 6 Commission After 'Cowardly' GOP Vote

Raw Story: Prosecutors revealed shocking insurgent info hours before GOP killed Jan. 6th commission

Mother Jones: Republicans Filibustered the January 6th Commission Because They Can

Daily Beast: Senate Republicans Kill Bipartisan Jan. 6 Riot Commission

NY Daily News: 'Shame on the Republican Party': Senate GOP blocks Jan. 6 commission in victory for Trump

Mother Jones: The "Steady Drumbeat" of Trump's Big Lie May Stir More Attacks, a Federal Judge Says

Guardian: Senate Republicans scramble to derail creation of Capitol riot commission

Newsweek: Adam Kinzinger Accuses Kevin McCarthy of Failing to Tell the Truth About January 6th

HuffPost: House Votes To Establish Capitol Riot Commission Over Republican Opposition

Raw Story: Capitol Police send GOP a bombshell letter demanding Jan. 6 Commission to hold criminals responsible - even officials

Guardian: Fox News made me do it: Capitol attack suspect pulls 'Foxitis' defense

NPR: Bumble Blunder: Man Allegedly Boasts About Capitol Riot On Dating App, Is Arrested

Raw Story: 'At least' 100 more to be criminally charged for Capitol insurrection: Federal prosecutors

Politico: Capitol riot defendant will plead guilty, cooperate with government

Salon: Three months after the Capitol attack: Forgetting won't save you

Raw Story: Former Utah cop arrested by the FBI for participating in the Capitol riot

Nutty as a Squirrel's Turd ALERT: HuffPost: Delusional Trump Makes Bizarre 'Hugging And Kissing' Claim About Capitol Riot

HuffPost: 2 Men Charged With Assaulting Brian Sicknick, Cop Who Died After Capitol Riot

Politico: Trump appointee arrested in connection with Capitol riot

HuffPost: Rep. Swalwell Sues Trump Over Civil Rights Violations In Capitol Riot

Raw Story: Trump and Giuliani conspired to violate 'KKK Act' by inciting insurrection: lawsuit

The Guardian: 'Accomplice' senators who amplified Trump's lies now get a say in his fate

Common Dreams: 'Co-Conspirators in Sedition': Here Are the Names of Every Republican Who Voted to Overturn Election Results

HuffPost: Calls Grow For Sens. Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz To Resign For Subverting Democracy

Truthout: Trump Can Be Indicted Under Federal, State and DC Laws for His Role in Jan. 6

HuffPost: Capitol Riot Evidence 'Trending Towards' Sedition Charges, Former Top DOJ Official Says

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