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PETITION: Disqualify Donald Trump from Holding Public Office,
Under the Constitution's 14th Amendment

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington: statement on court finding Trump engaged in insurrection

New York Daily News: Judge rejects Trump effort to strike allegations tied to Jan. 6 attack from Jack Smith indictment

HuffPost: Lawyer Admits To Leaking Videos Of Trump's Georgia Co-Defendants

The Guardian: 'I'm more worried today than I was on January 6':
top conservative's warning to America

Daily Kos: Mark Meadows admitted his tell-all book was full
of lies, so now his publisher is suing him

AlterNet: Trump official sentenced to 70 months in prison
for participating in January 6 insurrection

Colorado Newsline: Jenna Ellis under investigation, again, by attorney-
discipline authorities in Colorado

Progressive Perspectives: Why Trump Can (and Should) Be
Barred from Running Again

Georgia Recorder: Ex-Trump attorney Jenna Ellis pleads guilty
to felony in Fulton 2020 election case

Mother Jones: Trump Ally Kenneth Chesebro Pleads Guilty
in Georgia Fake Electors Case

The Guardian: Trump's ex-lawyer Sidney Powell pleads
guilty in Georgia election case

Georgia Recorder: Fulton 19 update: Juror screening nears in Trump RICO case, Coffee emails, DA spars with House Rep

Slate: The Election Denialists Road Show

HuffPost: Trump's Attempts To Publicly Attack Witnesses
Blocked By Federal Judge's Gag Order

Michigan Advance: Sanctions stand for lawyers in frivolous 2020
election lawsuit involving Michigan

Meidas Touch Network: Rudy Giuliani Suffers BIG Loss In Court

Courthouse News Service: Denver judge SLAPPs down Trump
motion to dismiss ballot challenge

The New Republic: Trump's "Absolute" Immunity Argument Is
Even Worse Than It Looks

Politico: Lawyers bail on MyPillow's Michael Lindell,
saying he owes millions in fees

Georgia Recorder: First defendant in Fulton County election interference
case accepts plea agreement

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Federal judge sends four Trump defendants
back to Fulton County court

Meidas Touch Network: Trump Files Absurd Opposition to Jack
Smith's Gag Order Request

HuffPost: Jurors Will Remain Secret In Trump's Georgia
Trial Amid Safety Concerns, Judge Rules

Ohio Capital Journal: We are facing a sustained, historic assault on
democracy in Ohio and across America

Free Speech For People: Minnesota Voters Challenge Trump's Eligibility to Appear on Primary Ballot Under Fourteenth Amendment's Insurrectionist Disqualification Clause

Oregon Capital Chronicle: Oregon sues Fox News over false election claims, retirement fund losses


HuffPost: Fani Willis Schools Jim Jordan With
Brutal Correction For His 'Total Ignorance'

Thom Hartmann: There's Nothing Patriotic about Today's Republicans

Truthout: Georgia Special Grand Jury Said Lindsey
Graham Should Have Faced Charges

HuffPost: Judge Denies Mark Meadows' Request To Move Case To Federal Court

Politico: Peter Navarro convicted of contempt for defying Jan. 6 select committee

Talking Points Memo: New Lawsuit Seeks To Enforce Disqualification Clause Against Trump In Colorado

The Guardian: Rudy Giuliani liable for defaming
Georgia election workers, judge rules

The New Republic: Are We Going to Let Prisoner P01135809
Destroy Our 250-Year-Old Democracy?

Joint Report, CREW and Common Cause: Donald Trump: Threatening courts and undermining justice

Daily Kos: Trump only cares about Trump, Trump voters only
care about Trump, Trump co-conspirators are screwed


Salon: Ex-prosecutor: Fani Willis' strategy pays off as
indicted fake electors "point the finger" at Trump

HuffPost: Federal Judge Refuses To Block Arrests Of Mark
Meadows, Jeffrey Clark In Georgia Case

Talking Points Memo: Eastman Gets A Two Day Delay In Disbarment Trial - So He Can Surrender In Georgia

Truthout: Trump Ordered Not to Make Social Media
Threats as Part of $200,000 Bond

The Guardian: Trump's free-speech defense in January 6 case
is danger to democracy, experts say

Philadelphia Inquirer: Trump's Georgia co-defendants played significant roles in seeking to overturn Pennsylvania's 2020 vote


The Hartmann Report: How Can We Ban Trump and His Cultists
from Public Office?

The New Republic: The Conservative Legal Roadmap to
Disqualify Trump From Office

The Guardian: Georgia DA summons former lawmaker and
journalist in Trump election inquiry

The Nation: A Federal Judge Warned Trump Not to
Make "Inflammatory Statements"

HuffPost: Lawyer Behind Trump's Fake Elector Plot
Said It Was 'Bold' But Doomed

Daily Kos: Team Trump wants a jury as diverse as a Trump rally

Salon: Criminal indictments are not enough: Donald
Trump must be defeated at the ballot box

Daily Kos: Ted Cruz. Josh Hawley. Ron Johnson. Remember the
names of Trump's other co-conspirators

Talking Points Memo: Michigan AG Candidate Charged In
Voting Machine Tampering Plot

Salon: "These people are admitting they lied to you":
Trump's own men undermine his "delusional" defense

The Guardian: Georgia prosecutors eye criminal solicitation
crimes in Trump inquiry

Michigan Advance: 16 Michigan Republicans charged with felonies in
2020 fake elector scheme

Common Dreams: Georgia Supreme Court Rejects 'Desperate and Frivolous' Attempt by Trump to Kill 2020 Probe

Courthouse News Service: Top Texas official not immune from discipline
in 2020 election subversion

Common Dreams: 'Trump Is Disqualified': Activists Aim to Keep
Insurrectionist Off Ballot in Key States

Daily Kos: Jack Smith particularly interested in Dec. 2020 Trump meeting

Talking Points Memo: Newly Unearthed Emails Show Trump Attorneys Coordinating Fake Electors

Vice News: Is Rudy Giuliani About to Cut a Deal and Flip on Trump?

PBS News Hour: Attorney John Eastman, who advised Trump's efforts to undermine 2020 election, faces potential disbarment

Esquire: Alright, Mark Meadows, Let's Hear What You Have to Say

The Guardian: Far-right Oath Keepers founder sentenced to 18
years over January 6 attack

HuffPost: Call It Trump's Coup Attempt, Because It Damned Well Was

The New Republic: Proud Boys Convicted of Seditious Conspiracy on
January 6, While Trump Enjoys Golf Trip

Salon: Mike Pence finally takes the witness stand:
How afraid should Donald Trump be?

The Guardian: Trump loses appeal to stop Pence from
testifying in January 6 investigation

Salon: Attorney warns Fox: Dominion "exposed some of the
misconduct" - Smartmatic "will expose the rest"

Robert Reich: The Fox News settlement: "Accountability"
is just another cost of doing business

The Guardian: Judge sanctions Fox News for failing
to disclose evidence in Dominion lawsuit

Salon: Fox News settles with man accused of rigging election
- experts say it may be beginning of the end

HuffPost: Mike Pence Drops Fight, Will Testify
Against Trump In Jan. 6 Investigation

The New Republic: Federal Judge Orders Mike Pence to Testify on January 6 Conversations He Had With Donald Trump

Talking Points Memo: DOJ Presses To Immediately Get Its Hands On Peter Navarro's Encrypted Emails

Slate: Donald Trump Has a Fresh Legal Headache, and It May Be His Worst Yet

HuffPost: Fox News Producer Says She Was Fired After
Correcting Dominion Deposition

Raw Story: 'Eliminate them': Capitol rioter's bloodthirsty J6
plan unearthed by prosecutors

The New Republic: Tucker Carlson's Pathetic Whitewashing of
the January 6 Insurrection

Colorado Newsline: Former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis censured
in Colorado for false election claims

Vanity Fair: Trump Claims Criminal Charges Would Boost His Chances of Winning the Election--A Theory He May Get to Test Soon!

Talking Points Memo: Coalition Of Lawyers Push To Disbar MAGA Attorney Who Pressured Hutchinson To Stay Loyal To Trump

The Guardian: Trump not entitled to immunity from civil suits
over Capitol attack, says DoJ

Arizona Mirror: Arizona GOP legislators continue to give oxygen
to disproven election conspiracies

The Nation: The Internal Decapitation of Fox News

Accountable.US: Breaking Down the Election Denial Industrial Complex

NPR: Off the air, Fox News stars blasted the election fraud claims they peddled

Media Matters for America: They knew it was a lie: The behind-the-scenes happenings at Fox while the network pushed false claims about Dominion

Slate: Mike Pence's Real Reason for Challenging
His Trump Special Counsel Subpoena

Truthout: New York Court Rebukes Fox News, Gives
Smartmatic Lawsuit Go-Ahead to Proceed

Salon: "Pretty much the last step": Legal experts say subpoena
shows special counsel closing in on Trump

Talking Points Memo: How The Fake Electors Scheme Explains Everything About Trump's Attempt To Steal The 2020 Election

Raw Story: Legal experts urge 'expeditious action' by California Bar
Association to punish notorious Trump lawyer

Salon: Heroes and villains: Fascists now control
Congress - we can't afford to pretend otherwise

HuffPost: Republicans Who Voted To Overturn The 2020
Election Get Top Committee Posts

TruthOut: Trump Sued by Partner of Capitol Police Officer Who Died After Jan. 6

The Guardian: Democrats commemorate January 6 attack with
tears and silence at US Capitol

Virginia Mercury: Biden honors more than a dozen Americans
for upholding democracy on Jan. 6

Mother Jones: Corporate America Condemned the January 6 Riot-Then
Went Right Back to Funding Election Deniers

Michigan Advance: Jan. 6 committee docs indicate five Michigan legislators agreed to support fake elector plan

The New Republic: January 6 Was Donald Trump's Most Successful
Business Venture in 40 Years

Nevada Current: J6 report confirms Trump world coordination, state
lawlessness of NV fake electors

Politico: Extremists at the vanguard of a siege: The Jan. 6 panel's last word

Philadelphia Inquirer: Jan. 6 transcripts reveal new details on how Pa. Republicans tried to help Trump stay in the White House

Common Dreams: 'Time to Prosecute': Jan. 6 Panel Unanimously Refers
Trump to DOJ for Criminal Charges

The New Republic: Trump May Be the Figurehead, but the Rot of January 6 Permeates the Republican Party

Mother Jones: January 6 Report Presents a Devastating Case Against Trump

The Guardian: House January 6 panel recommends criminal
charges against Donald Trump

Common Dreams: 'You Don't Get to Lead a Government You Tried to Destroy': House Dems Move to Block Trump 2024 Run

Salon: "Our last hope is Marshall Law!": Leaked Mark Meadows
texts reveal secret GOP Jan. 6 plotting

Raw Story: Trump attorneys implicated in multi-state
'plot' to copy voting machine data

Truthout: DOJ Special Counsel Subpoenas Brad Raffensperger
for Communications With Trump

Talking Points Memo: Special Counsel Subpoenas At Least 5 Key Counties For Trump Comms Around 2020 Election

HuffPost: Jan. 6 Congressional Gold Medal Honorees Snub
Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell

Talking Points Memo: Judge Finds Trump Stepped Outside
Presidential Immunity With 2020 Subversion

Common Dreams: 'A Very Good Day for Our Republic' as Key Jan. 6 Insurrectionist Convicted of Seditious Conspiracy

Politico: Mark Meadows ordered to testify in Trump investigation

Mother Jones: Big Lie Proponent Herschel Walker Is Getting Campaign Help From Officials He Suggested Should Go to Jail

The Guardian: US corporations gave more than $8m to election
deniers' midterm campaigns

Insider: A former officer who was attacked during Capitol riot says Trump should be charged and he wants to be the one to arrest him: 'I hope he resists'

The Guardian: US attorney general names special counsel
to weigh charges against Trump

Georgia Recorder: Fulton grand jury probe of Trump allies' meddling in 2020 election sweeps in big names after midterms

New York Daily News: Opinion by Jim Zirin: Mr. Attorney General, the
time to indict Trump is now

Common Dreams: Fresh Call to Impeach Clarence Thomas After
Latest Ruling on Jan. 6 Insurrection

Arizona Mirror: U.S. Supreme Court denies attempt by Arizona GOP chair Kelli Ward to block Jan. 6 panel subpoena

Common Dreams: Watchdog Group Vows 14th Amendment
Challenge If Trump Runs in 2024

The New Republic: Trump Lawyer Accidentally Reveals Emails About
Overturning 2020 Election to the Media

Politico: Trump lawyers saw Justice Thomas as 'only
chance' to stop 2020 election certification

Georgia Recorder: Supreme Court rejects Lindsey Graham's bid to avoid
Fulton grand jury's 2020 election probe

Talking Points Memo: No Looksies! John Eastman Upset Jan. 6 Committee Perused The Emails He Gave Them

HuffPost: Judge Tosses Mark Meadows Lawsuit Against Jan. 6 Subpoenas

Daily Beast: Feds Hit Parler With Search Warrants for Enrique Tarrio and
Other Proud Boys, New Court Filings Reveal

The Atlantic: January 6 Never Ended

Courthouse News Service: Former Trump chief of staff ordered to testify in Georgia election interference probe

HuffPost: Trump Tapes Reveal He's 'Dangerous' And
'A Threat To Democracy,' Bob Woodward Warns

Truthout: Clarence and Ginni Thomas Must
Be Investigated by Congress, Watchdog Says

Common Dreams: Trump Subpoenaed for 'Central Role in a Deliberate, Orchestrated' Effort to Overturn Election

Talking Points Memo: CA Judge Finds Trump Likely Lied To Court In
Georgia Big Lie Case

HuffPost: Jan. 6 Committee Wants To Hear Again From Ex-Secret
Service Members Ornato And Engel

Mother Jones: January 6 Committee's Finale: The Importance of
Retelling the Tale of Trump's Treachery

BuzzFeed: The Jan. 6 Committee Has Voted To Subpoena Donald Trump

The New Republic: The GOP's Cult of Election Deniers Is a
Growing Threat to the Nation

Vice News: This QAnon Secretary of State Candidate
Is Promising to Reinstall Trump in 2024

Talking Points Memo: Cassidy Hutchinson Is Cooperating With Georgia DA's MAGA Election Meddling Probe

Raw Story: Virginia Groyper who breached Pelosi's office on Jan. 6 went on to knock on doors for Youngkin campaign

Salon: Ginni Thomas and the Oath Keepers signal the
"no regrets" phase of January 6 apologia

The Guardian: US supreme court rejects MyPillow chief's
bid to dodge $1.3bn lawsuit

Talking Points Memo: Meadows Was Kept Updated On
Plot To Seize Voting Machines

Mother Jones: Trump Continues to Escalate His Dangerous Incitement

Arizona Mirror: The J6 committee can get phone records for AZ GOP
leader Kelli Ward and her husband

Hartmann Report: Trump's Messiah Scam Increases His Threat To America

HuffPost: Ginni Thomas Agrees To An Interview With Jan. 6 House Committee

Talking Points Memo: Clark Under Investigation For Conspiracy And Obstruction Tied To His Role In The Big Lie

Truthout: Meadows Complies With DOJ, Hands Over
Evidence Relating to Jan. 6 Inquiry

Raw Story: Jan. 6 committee member reveals they've received new evidence in trove of documents and texts from Secret Service

Mother Jones: Tina Peters Can't Keep Her Mouth Shut

Pennsylvania: Indivisible, Free Speech For People, and PA-10 Constituents File Ethics Committee Complaint Against Rep. Perry for January 6 Involvement

HuffPost: Police Officer Tasered And Beaten On Jan. 6 Goes Off
On Cops Who Posed With Trump

Source New Mexico: Couy Griffin first elected official barred from office for participating in Jan. 6 attack

Georgia Recorder: Familiar cast of Trump election deniers emerges with new video showing Coffee election breach

Common Dreams: 'Corrupt as Hell': Demands for Clarence Thomas to Resign Follow New Details of Wife's Election Scheming

Texas Tribune: Texan Kellye SoRelle, lawyer for Oath Keepers,
is charged in Jan. 6 insurrection

Vanity Fair: More Republicans Are Running Away From Mastriano
as He Digs In on Election-Fraud Lies

Talking Points Memo: Why The Content Of Key Trump Officials
Missing Texts Matters

Hartmann Report: What if Trump's Conspiracy was Way Bigger than We Know?

Politico: Mark Meadows ordered to testify in Fulton County
probe of Trump election overturn efforts

Colorado Newsline: Colorado Sen. Priola jumps aisle to Democratic Party amid Republican election denial, climate inaction

The Guardian: Ousted Republican reflects on Trump, democracy and
America: 'The place has lost its mind'

Esquire: Mike Pence Is Thinking about Maybe, Possibly,
Finally Talking to the Jan. 6 Committee

HuffPost: Trump Legal Adviser Jenna Ellis Ordered To
Testify In Georgia Election Probe

Salon: Commentary: Lindsey Graham's moment of truth:
After being ordered to testify, he faces a stark choice

Insider: Jan. 6 committee condemns Homeland Security inspector general for 'obstruction' over missing Secret Service messages

Politico: Giuliani now a target of Atlanta-area Trump probe, attorney says

Common Dreams: Docs Show DHS Watchdog Delayed Telling Congress
About Deleted Secret Service Texts

Talking Points Memo: How 2 DC Watchdog Groups Blew Open The Trump Administration's Deleted Texts Scandal

Truthout: The Secret Service Text Cover-Up Keeps Getting Bigger

Rolling Stone: Exclusive: Jan. 6 Committee Prepares to
Subpoena Alex Jones' Texts, Emails

The Atlantic: Well, the Cover-Up Sure Isn't Making January 6 Look Any Better

Raw Story: Revelation at Alex Jones trial may have big
implications for DOJ J6 investigation - here's how

Mother Jones: Arizona Republicans Chose the Big Lie

Talking Points Memo: Defense Dept Wiped Phones Of Trump Pentagon
Officials, Erasing Jan. 6-Related Texts

Insider: A federal judge dismissed Trump's request to toss out
3 Capitol Police officer lawsuits against him

Mother Jones: Even More Key January 6 Text Messages Are Missing

Common Dreams: Corporate Interests Have Given $21.5 Million to GOP
'Sedition Caucus' Since Jan. 6 Attack

Truthout: January 6 Committee Has Provided Sufficient
Evidence for Garland to Indict Trump

Salon: Malcolm Nance on the Trump insurgency: Jan. 6 was
a "template to do it correctly next time"

Kansas City Star: Fist pumper to fleeing coward: Jan. 6 video shows
Missouri who Josh Hawley really is

Mother Jones: Steve Bannon Is Guilty of Contempt of Congress

Media Matters for America: They did it and will do it again - if no one stops them

AlterNet: Retired military commanders: Donald Trump
'abdicated his duty' on January 6th

Politico: Giuliani ordered to testify before Georgia grand
jury investigating Trump election effort

New Republic: Ron Johnson Can't Crawl out of the
January 6 Hole He Dug for Himself

The Guardian: Secret Service told to begin an inquiry
into erased January 6 text messages

The Progressive: Unequal Justice: Can You Picture Steve
Bannon in an Orange Jumpsuit?

Talking Points Memo: Jody Hice Subpoenaed In Fulton County DA Probe Into Trump's Election Steal Plot

Georgia Public Broadcasting: Fake GOP electors targeted in Fulton County special grand jury probe

The Guardian: House January 6 panel subpoenas Secret Service
for allegedly deleted text messages

The Atlantic: The DOJ Must Prosecute Trump

Insider: 11 House Republicans attended a White House meeting with Trump to strategize about overturning the election results on January 6. Six of them later asked for pardons

Courthouse News Service: Trump's 'call to arms' in an 'unhinged' West Wing

Georgia Recorder: Fulton grand jury probe of 2020 election conduct
zeroes in on Trump's inner circle

HuffPost: Judge Refuses To Delay Trial For Trump's Ex-adviser Steve Bannon

Salon: Gen. Russel Honore: Trump's coup attempt
"put us in the banana republic club"

Esquire: The Latest Jan 6 Subpoenas Include an A-Team
of Election Deniers, Creeps, and Vandals

Salon: Analysis: Indictments are coming: At long last, criminal
justice will catch up with Donald Trump

The Guardian: Fox and friends confront billion-dollar US
lawsuits over election fraud claims

Ohio Capital Journal: A Republic, if we can keep it: Now is not the time for despair, but renewed and relentless action

Talking Points Memo: Jan. 6 Panel Members Say New Witnesses Have Come Forward After Hutchinson's Testimony

Colorado Newsline: Commentary: You're insane if you think Colorado Republicans chose sanity

The Nation: Investigate Ron Johnson's Role in the January 6 Coup Attempt

Common Dreams: Jan. 6 Panel Subpoenas Trump White House
Counsel Pat Cipollone

The Guardian: January 6 testimony puts Donald Trump in even greater legal peril

Talking Points Memo: Feds Reaching Out To More Fake Trump Electors In Pennsylvania And Michigan

Daily Beast: Jan. 6 Committee Exposes Trump's Chaotic
Abuse of the DOJ to Try to Stay in Power

Salon: Ringing the alarm for Merrick Garland: Department
of Justice stands in real peril because of Trump

The Atlantic: The January 6 Hearings Are Working

Mother Jones: The Bonkers Story of How Trump Tried to
Corrupt the DOJ to Steal the Election

HuffPost: 7 Major Takeaways From The Jan. 6 Committee's Fourth Hearing

BuzzFeed: A Georgia Elections Worker And Her Mom
Described How Trump's Lies About Voter Fraud Tore Their Lives Apart

American Prospect: Winning Back Democracy

The Guardian: Trump a 'clear and present danger to US
democracy', conservative judge warns

Vice News: Trump Will Try a Coup Again in 2024, Says Former Pence Adviser

Slate: The Leader of Trump's Favorite 2020 Election
"Audit" May Be Disbarred After Courtroom Meltdown

Salon: Yes, Trump supporters are victims of the Big Lie scam.
No, you don't have to feel sorry for them

American Prospect: 'Detached From Reality' - When Was Trump Ever Attached?

Mother Jones: The 1/6 Committee's Biggest Challenge: Assessing
Whether Trump Is Bonkers

Rolling Stone: Fox News Did Everything It Could to Keep Its
Viewers From Learning the Truth About Jan. 6

Common Dreams: January 6 Hearing Spotlights Trump-Led "Conspiracy to Overthrow the Will of the American People"

Washington Post: Ginni Thomas pressed 29 Ariz. lawmakers to
help overturn Trump's defeat, emails show

Hartmann Report: What Would An American Fascist Government Look Like?

Salon: Fox News viewers have no clue: Network blocks
nearly all critical coverage of Donald Trump

Michigan Advance: U.S. at risk of becoming authoritarian state
after Jan. 6 insurrection, experts say

Politico: Judge sends another trove of Eastman emails to Jan. 6 committee

The Guardian: Proud Boys leaders charged with seditious
conspiracy in 6 January riot

Daily Kos: Navarro indicted on two counts of contempt of Congress

Salon: Rudy Giuliani's emails reveal scheme to push Mike Pence out on Jan. 6

HuffPost: Liz Cheney Eviscerates Mike Lindell Over His Latest Election Claim

Talking Points Memo: Raffensperger Testifies For Hours Before Special Grand Jury Probing Election Steal Scheme

Common Dreams: Tapes Expose Republican Plot to Install Poll Workers in 'Massive Election Subversion Program'

Politico: Former Trump aide Navarro says he has received
a grand jury subpoena related to Jan. 6

Truthout: In a Different World, Mark Meadows's
Evidence Burning Would Be Shocking

Vice News: Emails Show Trump's Lawyer Knew His Jan. 6 Plot Was Bulls##t

Rolling Stone: Fake Hitler Going to Real Jail

AlterNet: DOJ alumni makes the case for prosecuting Trump's post-election crimes: 'A prosecution is both winnable and necessary'

Talking Points Memo: Cruz Targeted For Possible Disbarment For Boosting Election Steal Efforts In Court

HuffPost: Jan. 6 Committee Says GOP Rep. Barry
Loudermilk Led Capitol Tour Just Before Attack

Rolling Stone: Justice Department Asks Jan. 6 Committee for
Transcripts to Help With Criminal Investigation

Colorado Newsline: Third ethics complaint filed against Mesa
County Clerk Tina Peters

The Guardian: Capitol attack panel subpoenas five
Republicans in unprecedented step

Rolling Stone: Trump's Coup Kingpin Pushed Pennsylvania to
Throw Away Thousands of 2020 Ballots

Salon: Commentary: No country for insurrectionists: Will the
Republican traitors finally face the music?

Ohio Capital Journal: Commentary: Jim Jordan was deeply involved in the attempted coup to overturn the 2020 Election

Common Dreams: Who Bankrolled Ginni Thomas as She Sought
to Overthrow the 2020 Election?

Talking Points Memo: Judge Shoots Down RNC's Bid To Keep Fundraising
Email Data From Jan. 6 Panel

BuzzFeed: A Former New York Cop Was Found Guilty Of Assaulting
A Police Officer At The Capitol On Jan. 6

HuffPost: Adam Kinzinger Scorches Marjorie Taylor
Greene For Playing The 'Victim' On Jan. 6

Politico: Eastman to produce 10,000 pages of Trump
related emails as broader legal fight looms

AlterNet: Inside the Jan. 6 committee's 248-page motion to paint
Meadows as Trump's point man in bid to overturn the election

Politico: Multiple RNC staffers have spoken to Jan. 6 panel, sources say

The Guardian: Proud Boys member pleads guilty for role in US Capitol attack

HuffPost: Marjorie Taylor Greene's 'Marshall Law' Text
Could Boost Case To Keep Her Off Ballot

Rolling Stone: Republicans Are Trying to Seize Veto
Power Over the 2024 Election

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Editorial: New reporting reveals that McCarthy knows what's right. He just doesn't care.

Rolling Stone: Jan. 6 Cop Says Sen. Mike Lee
'Lied' After Pushing to Overturn Election

Politico: Jan. 6 panel piecing together details of final Trump-Pence call

The Guardian: Attempt to bar Marjorie Taylor Greene from
Congress can proceed, judge says

FAIR: 'There Is Plenty of Evidence to Request the Arrest of Trump'

AlterNet: We now have undeniable proof of a coordinated
Republican effort to subvert the 2020 election

Talking Points Memo: Jan. 6 Panel Member: 'Shocking' Findings Show How Close Insurrectionists Were To Success

Raw Story: Exclusive: White House aide relayed information from Giuliani research team to Trump during campaign to overturn 2020 election

Salon: "Trump knew exactly what was going on": Inside
the thinking of the Jan. 6 committee

Truthout: Trump Jr. Pushed Father's Chief of State to
Overturn Election, Texts Show

Daily Beast: Proud Boy Leader Flips On His Buddies in Stunning Plea Deal

The Guardian: Pro-Trump activist Ali Alexander to cooperate
with Capitol attack inquiry

HuffPost: House Refers 2 More Top Trump Aides For
Criminal Contempt Of Congress Charges

Salon: Court disbars Jan. 6 defense lawyer who
claimed "it's not illegal to go inside the Capitol"

The Guardian: January 6 panel receives Trump lawyer emails
about plan to block Biden victory

Salon: Merrick Garland is ignoring the DOJ's original mission:
Battling seditionists like Donald Trump

Truthout: Ocasio-Cortez Calls for Clarence Thomas
to Resign Over Wife's Ties to January 6

Rolling Stone: Jan. 6 Committee Votes to Hold Two More Trump
Cronies in Contempt of Congress

The Atlantic: What Trump Is Hiding

Politico: Trump likely committed felony obstruction, federal judge rules

Washington Post: Virginia Thomas urged White House chief to pursue unrelenting efforts to overturn the 2020 election, texts show

HuffPost: Jan. 6 Committee Planning Contempt Charges
For Top Trump Aides Navarro And Scavino

Politico: 'FIGHT BACK': Jan. 6 panel's court battle with
RNC heats up over fundraising emails

HuffPost: Liz Cheney Says Jan. 6 Committee Exploring
'Enhanced Criminal Penalties' For Trump

Michigan Advance: Rep. Tate introduces resolution condemning fake GOP electors, calls on states, feds to prosecute

Truthout: Lawsuit Alleges 3 Lawmakers, Part of
Trump Electors Plot, Cannot Run for Office

The Guardian: Trump lawyer knew plan to delay Biden
certification was unlawful, emails show

Courthouse News Service: Texas Bar files disciplinary action against former Trump attorney

Talking Points Memo: Jan. 6 Committee Delays Start Of Hearings, Citing 'Inordinate' Amount Of Depositions To Sift Through

Mother Jones: Guilty: Jury Convicts Insurrectionist in First January 6 Trial

HuffPost: 'Coup Memo' Lawyer Loses Bid To Hold
Up Records He Warns Could Convict Trump

The Guardian: National Archives turns over Trump White
House logs to January 6 panel

Common Dreams: Department of Justice Must Permanently Bar Insurrectionists From Public Office: Ethics Group

Politico: Jan. 6 committee says Trump violated multiple
laws in effort to overturn election

Newsweek: Donald Trump Accused of 'Criminal Conspiracy' by Jan. 6 Committee

HuffPost: Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Lawyer Who
Participated In Georgia Call, OAN Anchor

New York Daily News: Supreme Court denies Trump's call to deny Jan. 6 committee's bid to obtain White House records

Jim Hightower: Should We Trust Corporations to Save Our
Democracy? Ha! Just kidding.

The Guardian: Capitol attack investigators target Trump
circle over fake elector ploy

Salon: Republicans have dropped the mask - they
openly support fascism. What do we do about it?

Politico: Every Republican has to answer about Jan. 6, Kinzinger says

New Republic: January 6 Committee Recap: Concerns About
Trump's Records Can't Be Flushed Away

Daily Kos: Trump White House call record omissions raise eyebrows

Rolling Stone: 'Legitimate Political Discourse' Is Now an Official Republican
Party Description of the Jan. 6 Attack on the Capitol

Salon: Republicans in Congress were in on Trump's coup plot

HuffPost: GOP Mocked For Calling Jan. 6 Capitol
Riot 'Legitimate Political Discourse'

Washington Spectator: Prosecuting Trump and his Accomplices: Their Crimes and the Laws They Broke

New Republic: January 6 Recap: Finally Scratching the Surface
on How Far Trump Was Willing to Go

Talking Points Memo: Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Arizona GOP
Chair And Her Husband's Phone Records

Raw Story: 'Throw him in jail!' Dem lawmaker reacts to 'mobster'
Trump's proposal to pardon Capitol rioters

HuffPost: Trump Calls On Massive Protests If Prosecutors
Go After Him And Offers Pardons To Jan. 6ers

Politico: Federal judge rejects challenge to 'weighty and urgent' Jan. 6 committee

Vice News: Trump Supporters Left Death Threats for
Election Workers. We Called Back.

Mother Jones: Jan. 6 Committee Confirms It's Already Spoken to Former AG Barr About Trump's Plan to Seize Voting Machines

Rolling Stone: Start the Steal: New MAGA Emails Reveal
Plot to Hand Arizona to Trump

HuffPost: Jan. 6 Investigators Zeroing In On Apparent Plot To
Hijack Election With Fake Electors

The Atlantic: Georgia Has a Very Strong Case Against Trump

Politico: Supreme Court rejects Trump's bid to shield
records from Jan. 6 committee

The Guardian: Trump held secret meetings in days before Capitol
attack, ex-press secretary tells panel

BuzzFeed: Congress's Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenaed Rudy
Giuliani And More Trump Allies

Mother Jones: "Seditious Conspiracy" Charges Against Oath Keepers Mark a Major Advance in January 6 Investigation

Salon: National Archives: Trump allies caught using
forged documents to overturn 2020 election

Truthout: Republicans Are Now Indistinguishable
From the Violent Mob of January 6

Politico: Jan. 6 panel ramps up investigation into Trump's state-level pressure

HuffPost: Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Trump
Speechwriter For Pre-Insurrection Rally

The Guardian: Capitol attack: Trump not immune from
criminal referral, lawmakers insist

The Guardian: Strategy shift: Biden confronts Trump head
on after year of silent treatment

Salon: Trump's former spokesperson reveals that he was
"gleefully" rewinding Capitol riot footage on Jan. 6

Politico: Police officer lawsuits pile up against Trump over Jan. 6

Accountable.US: After Jan. 6 Insurrection, Corporations Reopened Money Floodgate to Election Objectors Within Months, To Tune of Millions

New York Daily News: Rep. Liz Cheney hits back at Trump over Jan. 6 committee demands for White House records

Common Dreams: Cori Bush: Congress Should Mark Jan 6. by Expelling Members Who Helped Incite Attack

Politico: 2 Georgia poll workers sue Giuliani,
OAN over election conspiracy theories

The Guardian: Capitol attack committee seeks appearance
by Trump ally Jim Jordan

Salon: Jan. 6 committee zeroes in on GOP congressmen

HuffPost: Judge Denies Michael Flynn's Attempt To
Block Subpoena For Phone Records In Jan. 6 Probe

Rolling Stone: Michael Flynn Is the Latest Trump Ally to Sue the Jan. 6 Committee

Truthout: Jan. 6 Committee Makes First Request
for Testimony From a Member of Congress

Alternet: Prosecutors reveal a Trump ally charged in the Capitol
riot may be willing to divulge valuable information

HuffPost: House Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas 'Coup PowerPoint' Author

The Atlantic: Fox Hosts Knew - And Lied Anyway

Salon: Jan. 6 committee heats up as Liz Cheney
takes center stage: Is it Watergate yet?

Daily Kos: Mark Meadows held in contempt of Congress

Charlotte Observer: Editorial: Mark Meadows is an embarrassment to NC. Congress should take a hard line with him

The Guardian: Capitol attack panel obtains PowerPoint that
set out plan for Trump to stage coup

Slate: A New Ruling Against Trump Spells Trouble for Bannon and Meadows

Salon: Jan. 6 committee reveals Mark Meadows' role in
election overthrow plot as contempt charges loom

Mother Jones: Trump Continues to Glorify the January 6 Insurrection

Rolling Stone: Sham GOP Election 'Auditors' Want to See Your
Ballot - But Hide Their Own Work

HuffPost: Jan. 6 Committee Threatens Mark Meadows
With Pursuit Of Criminal Charges

Salon: Destroying democracy can make you very rich

Raw Story: Top Missouri paper calls on Senate to investigate
Josh Hawley over his Jan 6th actions

Daily Beast: If Merrick Garland Doesn't Charge Trump and His
Coup Plotters, Our Democracy Is Toast

The Guardian: House Capitol attack committee subpoenas
far-right leaders and groups

Mother Jones: January 6 Committee Subpoenas Roger Stone and Alex Jones

Vanity Fair: Report: January 6 Organizers Threw Back Champagne and Charcuterie as the Capitol Was Attacked

Daily Beast: The GOP Dark Money Group Giving Big to White Supremacists

Truthout: As Damning New Memo Shakes Trump's
Defense, January 6 Committee Turns Up Heat

Salon: Grand jury indicts Steve Bannon for contempt
of Congress after defying Jan. 6 committee

Common Dreams: McEnany, McEntee, Miller, and More: Latest Jan. 6
Subpoenas Go Out for Trump Inner Circle

Politico: Trump makes - and loses - overnight bid to block Jan. 6 investigators

The Guardian: Lawyer John Eastman and Michael Flynn among
six subpoenaed by Capitol attack panel

Daily Beast: Jan. 6 Organizers Are Raking It In With Trump and GOP Groups

Media Matters: Leading up to January 6, Steve Bannon publicly bragged about his behind-the-scene role fomenting the insurrection

Talking Points Memo: The Most Damning Jan 6th Revelation Yet

HuffPost: Biden Denies Trump Request To Cover Up
His Role In The Jan. 6 Insurrection. Again.

Rolling Stone: Jan. 6 Protest Organizers Say They Participated in 'Dozens' of Planning Meetings With Members of Congress and White House Staff

Common Dreams: 'Disgraceful': Just 9 Republicans Join With Dems
to Hold Steve Bannon in Criminal Contempt

New Republic: Release the January 6 Documents!

Politico: Rosen, former acting AG under Trump, appears before Jan. 6 committee

The Nation: Trump's Coup Attempt Is Far From Finished

The Guardian: House Capitol attack panel ready to
urge prosecution of Trump aides, says Schiff

Salon: Trump's coup plot was worse than anyone knew

Politico: Congress' Jan. 6 investigators face an
inevitable reckoning with their GOP colleagues

HuffPost: House Panel Subpoenas Organizers Of Jan. 6 Trump Rally

HuffPost: Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas 4
Trump Associates In Capitol Investigation

Raw Story: Trump issues statement in support of Jan. 6
rioters - two days ahead of DC rally

Salon: Pennsylvania GOP subpoenas personal information
of every voter for 2020 election "fraudit"

New Republic: January 6 Committee Tightens the Screws
Despite Republican Warnings

Daily Beast: Georgia DA Interviews Witnesses About Trump's Call to 'Find' Votes

Rolling Stone: GOP Goes All Out to Avoid Accountability for Jan. 6 Insurrection

Truthout: McCarthy Threatens Retaliation Against
Telecoms That Comply With Jan 6 Committee

Vanity Fair: Madison Cawthorn Is Openly Talking About Civil War at This Point

New York Daily News: Capitol police officers sue Trump over Jan. 6 riot

Politico: Jan. 6 investigation will seek phone
records related to attack, including lawmakers

BuzzFeed: A Short-Lived Trump Campaign Staffer Is Now At
The Head Of The Far Right's Jan. 6 Counter narrative

Vanity Fair: Election Officials Are Being Terrorized Over Trump's Lies

Salon: Follow the money: Understanding the deep
roots of Donald Trump's coup attempt

The Guardian: Top Republicans move to protect Trump from Capitol attack fallout

Just Security: Mark Meadows Timeline: The Chief of Staff
and Schemes to Overturn 2020 Election

AlterNet: Eric Swalwell: Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan are right
to worry about the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection committee

HuffPost: Trump's Followers Paying The Price For Jan. 6
While Trump Himself Evades Consequences

Vanity Fair: DOJ to Mo Brooks: Sorry, We're Not Going to
Defend You For Inciting an Insurrection

The Guardian: 'This is how I'm going to die': police tell
panel of trauma of Capitol attack

Common Dreams: 'A Hitman Sent Them,' Capitol Police Officer
Says of January 6 Attackers

Politico: Cheney-McCarthy war of words heats up over Jan. 6 investigation

AlterNet: Nancy Pelosi shuts down Kevin McCarthy's attempt
to put Jim Jordan on the Jan. 6 committee

The Guardian: Capitol attack committee chair vows to
investigate Trump: 'Nothing is off limits'

Salon: Trump embraces Capitol rioters, rewrites
Jan. 6 history during Fox appearance

HuffPost: 6 Months Later, Republicans Have A New Jan. 6
Message: Insurrection? What Insurrection?

Common Dreams: 'Because They're Complicit': Nearly Every House
Republican Votes Against Jan. 6 Panel

Salon: How close did Trump come to attempting a military coup? Much too close

Common Dreams: Watchdog Says Insurrectionist Lawmakers, Including Trump, Should Be Barred From Public Office

Politico: Pelosi announces select committee will investigate Jan. 6 attack

Salon: Jan 6. was the blueprint: The GOP is now
planning a state by state hostile takeover

Newsweek: 'Traitors': Rep. Moulton Calls for Greene, Gaetz
and Gosar to Be Ousted Over FBI-Riot Theory

HuffPost: Christopher Wray: FBI Still Working On
Hundreds Of U.S. Capitol Riot Cases

Boston Globe: The case for prosecuting Donald Trump

Salon: Guess what? The Trump coup against American democracy never stopped

HuffPost: The 139 Republicans Who Lied, Fueled An
Insurrection And Then Voted To Cover It Up

HuffPost: Rep. Gerry Connolly Calls On Biden To Create Jan. 6
Commission After 'Cowardly' GOP Vote

Raw Story: Prosecutors revealed shocking insurgent info
hours before GOP killed Jan. 6th commission

Mother Jones: Republicans Filibustered the January 6th
Commission Because They Can

Daily Beast: Senate Republicans Kill Bipartisan Jan. 6 Riot Commission

New York Daily News: 'Shame on the Republican Party': Senate GOP blocks Jan. 6 commission in victory for Trump

Mother Jones: The "Steady Drumbeat" of Trump's Big Lie May Stir
More Attacks, a Federal Judge Says

The Guardian: Senate Republicans scramble to derail
creation of Capitol riot commission

Newsweek: Adam Kinzinger Accuses Kevin McCarthy of Failing
to Tell the Truth About January 6th

HuffPost: House Votes To Establish Capitol Riot
Commission Over Republican Opposition

Raw Story: Capitol Police send GOP a bombshell letter demanding Jan. 6 Commission to hold criminals responsible - even officials

The Guardian: Fox News made me do it: Capitol attack
suspect pulls 'Foxitis' defense

NPR: Bumble Blunder: Man Allegedly Boasts About
Capitol Riot On Dating App, Is Arrested

Raw Story: 'At least' 100 more to be criminally charged for
Capitol insurrection: Federal prosecutors

Politico: Capitol riot defendant will plead guilty, cooperate with government

Salon: Three months after the Capitol attack: Forgetting won't save you

Raw Story: Former Utah cop arrested by the FBI for participating in the Capitol riot

HuffPost: Delusional Trump Makes Bizarre
'Hugging And Kissing' Claim About Capitol Riot

HuffPost: 2 Men Charged With Assaulting Brian Sicknick,
Cop Who Died After Capitol Riot

Politico: Trump appointee arrested in connection with Capitol riot

HuffPost: Rep. Swalwell Sues Trump Over Civil Rights Violations In Capitol Riot

Raw Story: Trump and Giuliani conspired to violate 'KKK Act'
by inciting insurrection: lawsuit

The Guardian: 'Accomplice' senators who amplified Trump's
lies now get a say in his fate

Common Dreams: 'Co-Conspirators in Sedition': Here Are the Names of Every Republican Who Voted to Overturn Election Results

HuffPost: Calls Grow For Sens. Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz To
Resign For Subverting Democracy

Truthout: Trump Can Be Indicted Under Federal, State
and DC Laws for His Role in Jan. 6

HuffPost: Capitol Riot Evidence 'Trending Towards'
Sedition Charges, Former Top DOJ Official Says

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