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The International Labor Organization (ILO) labor standards take the form of International Labor Conventions which are ratified by member countries. Of the total number of ILO Conventions, eight are considered core labor standards, fundamental to the rights of workers. The ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations. Relevant NEWS and ARTICLES

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The ITUC is calling on governments to commit to a world of work free from violence and harassment

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, 25 November, trade unions around the world are urging governments to ratify and implement the International Labour Organization (ILO) Convention 190 and Recommendation 206, to end the scourge of gender-based violence and harassment in the world of work.

24-11-2020:   The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated the risks of violence and harassment, both at work and at home, and has highlighted the importance of strong preventive and protective measures to ensure safe, healthy, dignified and respectful working environments. There have been alarming reports of health and care workers and other frontline workers, such as food retail workers, transport workers and cleaners, being targets of violence and harassment by employers, co-workers or anxious customers, clients, and patients.

Rates of domestic violence have spiked since the onset of this crisis - a phenomenon described by the United Nations as a shadow pandemic as many workers, in particular women, required to work from home find themselves trapped with their abusers. At the same time, the rise in teleworking leaves workers more exposed to technology-enabled harassment such as cyberbullying.

Women working in the informal economy, whether as street vendors, market traders, waste pickers, home-based workers, or domestic workers, have seen their livelihoods devastated as they face increased violence and harassment from employers, members of the public or local authorities. In some cases, their activities have been criminalised.

Trade unions have played a crucial role in addressing gender-based violence during the pandemic by:

  • issuing guidance for trade union representatives supporting victims of domestic violence.
  • lobbying for more funding for domestic violence services.
  • providing shelters to victims of domestic violence.
  • running awareness-raising campaigns.
  • calling for urgent government and employer action to address increased incidents of violence and harassment against frontline workers.

Unions have also joined calls for immediate food and safety relief and social protection coverage for informal economy and migrant workers, including those stranded away from home, and an end to violence, harassment and criminalisation. On 25 November, we show our solidarity with women working in the informal economy, who are the backbone of so many national economies.

The ILO Violence and Harassment Convention 190 and Recommendation 206 provide a clear framework for governments, employers and workers and their representatives on how to effectively prevent, address and remedy violence and harassment in the world of work. These instruments also provide important guidance on mitigating the impacts of domestic violence in the world of work.

While the pandemic has necessarily focused the attention of governments on dealing with the public health, economic and social impacts, the pandemic is a reason to push forward with ratification, rather than delay it further. Ratification and effective implementation of these instruments should be an integral part of a sustainable recovery and building resilience in the face of this and future crises. Uruguay and Fiji have led by example, becoming the first two countries to ratify the Convention. Argentina is set to become the third. Now more governments must follow suit!

On 25 November, we urge governments globally to fulfill the commitments made at the Centenary International Labour Conference in June 2019 to a world of work free from violence and harassment.

Source:  International Trade Union Confederation--ITUC represents 207 million workers in 163 countries and territories and has 331 national affiliates

American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations President Richard Trumka's Election Eve Message

Union federations create IndustriALL Brazil

19 November, 2020:   Union federations CUT and Força Sindical have joined forces to create IndustriALL Brazil, bringing together 10 million workers from different manufacturing sectors.

IndustriALL Brazil was created on 17 November, and is an umbrella organization for a number of unions in the metal, chemical, construction, textile, garment, energy and food sectors.

"IndustriALL Brazil was created with a view to reindustrializing our country. Many manufactuing jobs have been lost because of the pandemic and because the government has no real industrial and economic policies. We call on other union organizations to join the fight to protect jobs and ensure decent wages," says IndustriALL Brazil president Aroaldo Oliveira da Silva.

FEQUIMFAR general secretary and member of IndustriALL Executive Committee, Edson Dias Bicalho, says: "We are trying to bring in other key manufacturing sectors that are not part of IndustriALL Global Union, Força Sindical or the CUT. We want to work with business leaders and Brazil's National Congress to create a project to rebuild our national industry."

Mónica Veloso, vice president of the national metalworkers' confederation affiliated to Força Sindical and chair of IndustriALL Global Union's women's committee, adds: "We want IndustriALL Brazil to play a key role in developing sustainable industrial policies, using legitimate union representation to ensure that members of the working class have a decent quality of life. This new national organization aims to redistribute power by focusing on gender relations."

IndustriALL Brazil will consolidate discussions, proposals and actions to promote the creation of industrial and employment policies aimed at reindustrializing the country and generating jobs and decent wages. Topics will include Industry 4.0, the transition to a low-carbon world, stimulating the circular economy and the need for sustainable development.

Lucineide Varjão, co-chair of IndustriALL's Executive Committee, mining sector co-chair and president of CNQ/CUT, says: "We need to draw up an action plan aligned with IndustriALL's so that we can move forward together. Our aim is to consolidate union power in our fight for equality, the ratification of ILO Convention 190 and against all forms of precarious work."

President of IndustriALL and IG Metall, Jörg Hofmann, welcomes the new organization: "We commend the creation of IndustriALL Brazil. If we are to achieve our common goals, we have to join forces. Throughout its history, the Brazilian union movement has shown that it is capable of doing just that. And today, you have shown us once again."

IndustriALL's general secretary, Valter Sanches, says: "We congratulate IndustriALL's affiliates in Brazil for creating this national organization and making history. In these very difficult times, the government of Brazil does not have a sustainable industrial policy and is destroying the manufacturing sector. The world of work is changing and if we don't have the right policies, then there will be no escape from deindustrialization. This new organization will be key in helping us to move forward on the right path. You can count on IndustriALL Global Union's support. The struggle continues!"

Source:  IndustriALL Global Union--IndustriALL represents 50 million workers in 140 countries

Solidarity with Amazon Strikers in France

13 November 2020:   This week, UNI Global Union's World Executive Board unanimously adopted a resolution in support of the French Amazon strikers who are demanding better compensation during the COVID19 pandemic. In France, Amazon is refusing to accept the workers' demands and forcing employees to work on Saturdays, just as the second wave is forcing millions to stay at home.

"We stand shoulder to shoulder with our French brothers and sister going on strike against Amazon to demand fair pay and common-sense protections during the second covid-19 wave," said Christy Hoffman General Secretary of UNI Global Union. "As regular people in France and across Europe take extra steps to limit unnecessary travel and help slow down COVID-19, Amazon is forcing employees to work on Saturday and refusing their demands for hazard pay. A pandemic that has already killed over a million people worldwide shouldn't be ignored. It's time to listen to workers!

UNI Global Union World Executive Board commits to support Amazon strikers in France

Thursday, November 12, 2020:   Essential workers, and specifically Amazon workers, are facing unprecedented health risks and economic challenges during the ongoing pandemic. Tens of thousands of Amazon workers have been infected worldwide while Amazon is having its most profitable year ever, and just set a record for sales in a quarter.

Amazon has historically refused to directly negotiate with unions unless forced to by law-jeopardizing the welfare, health and safety of workers, their families, and their communities. Amazon workers in France represented by unions including CGT and FO are currently on strike demanding decent treatment and fair pay.

UNI Global Union, through its affiliated national trade unions, is the largest representative body of Amazon workers in the world -including Amazon workers from 22 countries, and in solidarity with French strikers, we are demanding the following:

  • Amazon should immediately cease opposition to unions and negotiate with the lawful representatives of the French Amazon workers.
  • Amazon should increase worker pay, as requested by the strikers and make these pay increases permanent.
  • Amazon should follow leading health and safety recommendations and implement best practices for safety precautions until the pandemic has fully subsided.
  • Amazon should allow trade unions or their selected experts to inspect and ensure leading health and safety recommendations are being properly implemented.

UNI Global Union represents more than 20 million workers from over 150 different countries in the fastest growing service sectors in the world. UNI and our affiliates in all regions are driven by the responsibility to ensure these jobs are decent and workers' rights are protected, including the right to join a union and collective bargaining.

Source:  UNI Global Union--UNI represents more than 20 million workers from over 150 countries

PSI Letter to US Affiliates

NOV 10, 2020:   In an open letter on the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, PSI General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli congratulates US affiliate leaders on their outstanding work during the recent election campaign. She offers her continuing support to help face the present crisis and build a better future for all.

With the whole world watching, you and the leaders and members of your unions stepped forward to help bring Joe Biden and Kamala Harris across the finish line in the US presidential election. Your extraordinary effort during these very difficult times, with the pandemic raging and the economic crisis unfolding, made a real difference in the result. I want to express my deep appreciation for all the work you have done and for all you will continue to do in helping to "build back better".

I know how close this election was, with the control of the US Senate election still in doubt, but with a new Biden administration there is now some hope that efforts can be made to deal with the pandemic, improve healthcare and move toward greater justice and equity for the common good. I know that the Biden election victory brings relief to you and to the workers represented by your unions. You should know that workers around the world are also breathing a sigh of relief with the new direction taken by voters in the United States.

Joe Biden has called for the healing to begin. This is a goal that requires the efforts of everyone, but it is worth exclaiming the extraordinary role that has been played by healthcare workers, first responders, and public employees in holding society together during these most difficult of times. Public employees in the US and around the world are surely heroes, but they deserve much more than simple praise and applause. They deserve workplace safety, better pay and working conditions and real recognition for their selfless contributions. They have shown by example how to build trust and how to deliver healing. They show us every day how we can bring greater care and decency to the communities around us. We would do well to provide them with greater support if we are truly about healing and rebuilding.

On behalf of the leadership of Public Services International, let me offer you my heartfelt congratulations on your outstanding work during the recent election campaign. Let me also offer you my continuing support for the organizing, education and advocacy still required to put people over profit, to build a stronger labor movement and to deliver the health, safety and economic security necessary to bring us through the multiple crises now enveloping us. We stand united for a better future.

In solidarity, Rosa Pavanelli, PSI General Secretary

Source:  Public Services International--PSI uniting more than 30 million workers in 154 countries

ITF Aviation Week: Global aviation unions unite to defend jobs and secure safe workplaces

09 Nov 2020:   A worker-led recovery is on the agenda this week as aviation workers' unions from across the world come together at the 'ITF Aviation Week'. Aviation trade unions from over 40 nations will be meeting through this week to ensure that workers don't pay a disproportionate price for this crisis and are protected at work.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has been unlike any other external shock encountered by the global aviation industry. Border restrictions and quarantine measures have devastated the aviation industry, and hundreds of thousands of jobs have already been lost," said Joseph Tiberi, ITF Civil Aviation chair.

The prolonged coronavirus pandemic has left many airlines and companies across the aviation industry fighting for survival. This crisis for workers, like the crises we have seen before, has been fuelled by issues that have plagued our industry for years that the ITF and our affiliates continue to campaign to rectify. Deregulation and liberalisation, the subcontracting and fragmentation of labour and oversupply of low-cost flights have contributed to worsening pay, conditions and health and safety for aviation workers.

"We recognise that there is a long road ahead to recover from this current crisis, but it is vital to build back a better, safer and more sustainable aviation industry that puts workers first. We cannot win this fight alone. It is vital for us to share our ideas, thoughts, experiences and solidarity across borders - this is the goal of ITF Aviation Week," said Tiberi.

ITF General Secretary Stephen Cotton said today that ITF Aviation Week was a critical forum for global aviation unions to share best practice on innovative ways to protect jobs and workers' hard-fought-for terms and conditions. "The Covid-19 pandemic has ripped apart the very functioning of the aviation industry. Right now, the international solidarity that underpins ITF's core principles is more important than ever," said Cotton.

"Trade unions this week will develop strategies to ensure that a voice for workers is central in the industry's recovery - through tripartite aviation recovery bodies. The health and safety of aviation workers and passengers must be at the heart of recovery efforts. Workers must be at the table to self-determine their future of work. Only a collective response today can guarantee a sustainable aviation industry of tomorrow," concluded Cotton.

Source:  International Transport Workers Federation--ITF representing 20 million members from 150 countries

Global Unions Call to #InvestInCare for a More Resilient Economy

29 October 2020:   As the COVID-19 pandemic exposes the devastating effects of decades of under-investment in healthcare systems, global unions representing millions of workers in the sector are joining forces on October 29 to demand adequate investment in care "to build more inclusive, accessible, resilient, and caring economies."

"Rebuilding our care systems and ensuring that care workers receive a much-needed pay rise, regular hours, adequate staffing but also essential rights and dignity on the job will require bold governmental action and significant investments but there are no shortcuts if we really believe that our societies need to be more resilient and humane," said Christy Hoffman General Secretary of UNI Global Union.

On this Global Day of Action promoted by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), UNI Global Union, Public Service International (PSI), Education International (EI), International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF) and Women in Informal Employment Globalising and Organising (WIEGO), the unions are calling on government to #InvestInCare because the pandemic "has underlined the centrality of health and care to our well-being and existence. The need for adequate investment in equitable, quality public health and care systems is more apparent and urgent than ever."

The collective action, supported by workers from around the world will put in motion a global campaign to demand a caring economy that puts life at the center and promotes the following principles:

  • Invest in gender-responsive, quality public health and care - including mental health, childcare, early childhood education, elderly care and other social care services that serve everyone
  • Ensure decent pay and working conditions, including equal pay for work of equal value, training opportunities for all workers and policy to close gender gaps in labour force participation
  • Improve staffing levels across health and care systems to protect both workers and care recipients
  • Ensure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), paid sick leave and access to vaccines for all health and care workers
  • Ensure equity and non-discrimination in recruitment, retention, access to training and promotion opportunities for workers across the health and care sectors
  • Ensure that the rights to freedom of association and to collective bargaining are respected for all workers in the health and care sectors, whether in the formal or informal economy, and wherever possible sectoral bargaining is established
  • Fund universal, gender-responsive social protection accessible by all workers regardless of employment status or migrant status, race, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation, and inclusive of workers in the informal economy
  • Ensure equitable access to quality public health and care services, including refugees and migrants, regardless of status.

"Workers across the health, care and education sectors, whether working in hospitals, hospices, schools, care homes, private homes or as domestic workers, whether in the public or private sector, deserve decent working conditions and fair pay, that reflect their enormous contributions to our societies," said Sharan Burrow ITUC General Secretary.

Source:  UNI Global Union--UNI represents more than 20 million workers from over 150 countries

Belarus: Continued Repression of Right to Strike

The authorities in Belarus are continuing to threaten and repress workers and their union representatives to stop them organising strike action following huge public turnouts at the weekend.

26-10-2020:   In Minsk alone, 100,000 people joined a protest march. Despite the repression, work stoppages are taking place in factories and other workplaces, and many small businesses have closed in solidarity. Union representatives are being detained and imprisoned in order to stop them organising workplace actions.

Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary, said "The right to strike is guaranteed under international law, and the government is obliged to respect this right, all the more because Belarus has ratified ILO Conventions 87 and 98. Freedom of Association also depends on freedom of assembly, which the government is repressing through violence and threats aimed at the public. We call on the government to cease violating these fundamental rights and recognise that the people of Belarus have the right to make their own decisions free from fear and interference."

Belarusian athletes are one group that has been specially targeted by the authorities, with several detained and imprisoned for criticising the Lukashenko government. Some 900 athletes have criticised the conduct of the October elections, and ten have been imprisoned. On Friday, Belarusian athletes led a march to the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, calling upon it to act.

Source:  International Trade Union Confederation--ITUC represents 207 million workers in 163 countries and territories and has 331 national affiliates

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